PMR Research On Disease Mechanisms In Synovium (PROMIS)


The ‘PMR Research on Disease Mechanisms In Synovium’ (PROMIS) project is dedicated to unravelling the pathobiology of PMR. Ultrasound-guided synovial biopsies will be obtained from the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa of patients with PMR. A combination of immunohistochemistry and single-cell RNA sequencing will be applied to gain unprecedented insight into the synovial pathobiology of PMR.

Facts and Figures

Project Lead
K Van der Geest
University Medical Center Groningen
FOREUM research grant: € 200.000

Meet the Team

Project Lead

K Van der Geest
University Medical Center Groningen
E Brouwer
University Medical Center Groningen
M Boots
University Medical Center Groningen
P Heeringa
UMC Groningen
L Geurts - van Bon
ZGT Hospital
D Boumans
ZGT Hospital


The overarching aim of the PROMIS project is to identify synovial targets for treatment in PMR.

  • To identify immunological targets for already existing therapies in PMR synovium.
  • To identify senescent cells in PMR synovium as potential targets for treatment.
  • To determine cellular heterogeneity and networks in PMR synovium on a molecular level.


  • Start of the project March 2021
  • Collection of biopsies from 15 patients at mid-term report and 30 patients at final report.
  • Results on Study Aim 1 and Study Aim 2 available for 10 patients at the mid-term report.
  • Final results on Study Aim 1, Study Aim 2 and Study Aim 3 available at the final report.
  • Publication of results in the top 5 peer-reviewed journals in the field of rheumatology.
  • Interim report to patients’ organisation (Vasculitis Stichting).
  • Dissemination of results via conferences (EULAR, International GCA/PMR Workshops)

Patient Voice

Half of patients with PMR are currently ‘sentenced’ to prolonged use of glucocorticoids and frequently develop complications caused by this treatment. This project will accelerate the introduction of existing, targeted therapies (i.e. already used for other diseases) for patients with PMR by providing a clear rationale for such therapies. The ultimate goal of the study is to make long-term glucocorticoid therapy obsolete and to improve the patients’ well-being.

Project Map