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Grant application

Call for Research Proposals in the Area of Preclinical Phases of RMDs

There is a high interest in defining the earliest stages of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMDs). Early recognition of the initial phases of RMDs is important for scientists, clinicians and patients for gaining a better insight into the pathogenesis of these diseases and facilitating the development of timely interventions or even preventive approaches. In the last years it is increasingly recognized that characteristic molecular and cellular processes antedate the clinical phases of individual RMDs. These findings open new research possibilities for studying RMDs.

FOREUM Foundation for Research in Rheumatology has therefore initiated a call for research proposals inviting collaboration across Europe and therefore requires multi-center project applications involving partners from at least three different countries. Any given institution shall be allowed to lead on only one application. However, that institution, or its staff may participate in other projects as collaborators

FOREUM whishes to instigate research which will increase the knowledge of these initial changes, allowing an earlier recognition, risk prediction and potentially also prevention of RMDs. FOREUM therefore wants to support high quality collaborative research projects in this field to improve our knowledge in the earliest phases of RMDs and extend the diagnostic, prognostic and treatment possibilities for patients affected by these conditions.

The call is now open for Letters of intent, please find all available templates in our download section.