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Grant application

Call for Research Proposals in the Area of Registers

There is increasing interest in providing the maximal benefit for the Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases (RMD) community from the extraordinary resources contained in the large clinical registers that have been gathered over recent decades. FOREUM wishes to instigate research, which will increase the utility of such databases for the wider community. Added value may include, for example, assessment of safety across different modes of action, real world comparison with outcomes from randomised trials, and integration of data from different registers or countries to address questions difficult to study in individual registers.

Applications will be invited from scientists working with registers across Europe that include patients with RMDs. In the current call, particular value will be given to those applicants who have experience with analysing data from large observational data sets and who aim to investigate questions that cannot be pursued by national registers alone. Examples could be very rare adverse events/outcomes, and/or safety and effectiveness aspects in clearly defined groups of high-risk patients.

Applications have to take into account problems of data heterogeneity, data ownership, and national data protection laws. Since pooling of raw data will usually neither be feasible nor necessary, methods or technologies should be developed to make use of existing or future national data and national comparators in concerted data analyses, including harmonisation of data collection and analysis.

The call is now closed for applications, results will be published on this website in October.

Future calls

Information on future calls will be published on this website in July 2016